App Modernization with AKS - 3 weeks Workshop


Kubernetes is currently the most popular container orchestrator,it has been incorporated into Azure Cloud as a PAAS service (Azure Kubernetes Service) to deploy containerized microservice applications

Reach your full potential by modernizing your applications with AKS.

Why using Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)?

Containers are the latest compute trend replacing VMs and offering the following benefits: Lightweigh, meaning they use only what they need and many can run on a single VM Reliable, containerized applications run exactly the same on any environment (physical server, VM or Cloud) Very fast to deploy Easy to replicate and maintain with container images

The strenght of Azure Kubernetes Services become essential when both the number of application instances and the application complexity are scaling up. Advantages of using AKS include: Container availability/health check with automatic restart Easy and automatic scaling Automatic load balancing Intelligent resource allocation

How do we support you moving your applications to AKS and with microservices transformation?

Agenda of our application modernization: Week 1: Training: We provide a comprehensive training to your ops team for them to understand the benefits of Kubernetes, be actors of the transformation and gaining the necessary skills to manage an AKS platform. Week 2: Audit: Application, existing infrastructure and testing/deployment processes are analyzed to determine how you can best benefit from moving your applications to AKS and integrate it in your processes. Week 3: Recommandation: We provide you with a document detailing a roadmap to guide your transformation and adoption of AKS as well a highlight of the best practices taking your infrastructure and security constraints into account.