Azure Implementation: Migrate to Azure in 7Days

Linktech Australia

Migrate to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) on Azure in seven days for 100-250 users

Kloudily is Linktech Australia's cloud deployment & migration platform for Azure. This offer is suited to organizations with 5-250 users and don't have adequate IT resources.

Kloudily leverages Azure datacenters in Melbourne or Sydney Australia, designed by Linktech Australia staff. Deploy and migrating to Azure quickly is our unique advantage.

Once your environment is deployed, and all your services are migrated, you'll have the option to manage the infrastructure yourself, or Linktech Australia can manage it for you.

The solution includes Azure IaaS resources and typically Microsoft 365 Business Premium licensing. Kloudily is provisioned with a new Active Directory and file server.

Inclusions for 100-240 users: Up to 10TB Data | Microsoft Apps: Up to 9 | LOB Apps: Up to 8 | Training: 3 x 2hour sessions