Health Content: Manage & Localize - 4hr Assessment

Lionbridge Technologies

Requirements gathering and assessment for an Azure-based content creation process and localization solution designed for the healthcare industry and creators of confidential content.

In this one-day assessment, we will meet with you to review your existing content creation and localization process, content types, linguistic needs, regulatory requirements, current pain points and volumes so that we can develop a custom end-to-end solution that leverages your existing Azure-based content creation process, and optimizes the translation, review, approval, regulatory submission, and patient communication of documents related to clinical trials and healthcare records management.

The solution may consist of suggestions for workflow improvements within your existing Azure-based content management system, API connections to your existing systems, localization and content creation services.


  • Review of existing documentation, including process maps, information flow, technology stack, and integration points
  • Overview of content profile – document types, linguistic needs, review processes, and regulatory compliance parameters
  • Analysis of volumes by document type, language, and seasonality
  • Discussion of current pain-points and identified inefficiencies


  • Revised workflow diagram for optimal through-put
  • Proposed technical system diagram
  • Implementation project plan and budget