Business Continuity and Recovery: 1-Day Workshop

LiveRoute FZ-LLC

Engagement and workshops to understand business availability, continuity and recovery needs and devise strategy for DR on Microsoft Azure

Engagement covering Introduction, requirement analysis and high level plan establishment covering below:


  1. Introduction to Microsoft Azure based BCDR solutions.
  2. (Optional) demonstration and hands-on BCDR solution technologies.
  3. Analysis of business requirements, expectations around continuity, resiliency and disaster recovery (RPO/RTO) of critical business applications
  4. Identification of right BCDR solution and design high level architecture.
  5. Develop high level plan and agreement on next action items


  1. Introduction Presentation for BCDR technologies on Microsoft Azure
  2. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery recommendations regarding customer's on-premise, and/or cloud infrastructure
  3. Minutes of Meetings with Agreed Action Items
  4. (Optional) Case study materials