Azure Landing Zone Design: 1-Week Workshop

LiveRoute FZ-LLC

Engagement for designing Enterprise Scale (CAF and WAF compliant) landing zone design and high level plan as per your organizational structure and IT application needs.


Day 1: Introduction session to Enterprise Scale Azure Landing Zone foundational components including: • Resource Organization and Cost Management • Identity and Access Management • Management & Monitoring • Business Continuity and DR • Security, Governance and Compliance • DevOps and Automation • Advance Networking • Azure Resource Manager • Azure and Azure AD Roles / RBAC • Azure Policy • Azure Blueprint • Azure Compliance Manager • Azure Monitor • Azure Defender

Day 2 & 3: Workshops to assess and identify business and technical requirements Day 4 & 5: Identify suitable solutions and establish initial Azure foundation / landing zone design Day 6: Present initial design, Feedback and Fine-tune design. Day 7: Submit the design and plan and align on next steps.


  1. Introduction decks
  2. Gathered Information and Assessment Findings
  3. Azure Landing Zone Design Document with estimated TCO on Azure
  4. Recommendations and Deployment Plan.

What is not covered in this engagement:

  1. Assessment of workloads, infrastructure and applications
  2. Deployment of Azure Foundation (only design is covered).