Azure IoT: 8-Wk Initial Deployment


Partner with Lixar to implement an IoT initial deployment for remote monitoring leveraging Azure IoT Central and Lixar’s experience in deploying large scale IoT solutions.

Lixar has deep experience with deploying large scale IoT solutions including Delphi Connect, which is the first after-market connected vehicle platform globally, and has won a number of industry awards.

From our experience, the best approach to getting value out of your IoT capabilities is through a phased approach.

Partner with Lixar to implement your initial IoT deployment leveraging Azure IoT Central and Lixar’s proven methodology of IoT solutions. Lixar

Azure IoT Central

  • Create an Azure IoT Central Application
  • Connect with and provision up to three devices
  • Define rules and trigger against the incoming telemetry
  • Control and monitor devices near real-time
  • Evaluate and build data flow architectures to your custom use case
  • View relevant and actionable data in regards to your devices


  • Azure IoT Central Application
  • Knowledge transfer session