Azure Landing Zone: 6 week Implementation

Lixar IT

Our team will build a secure and stable foundation that will ensure that you reap the benefits of the cloud.

Our team will deliver an agile cloud solution which will help your organization react quickly to changing circumstances without introducing risk to your business. BDO’s advisors will help you set up stable, secure and scalable foundations, configured to meet your specific needs.

Our team will propose a solution design of Microsoft Azure Cloud components such as Compute, Storage, Database, Security & Authentication, Monitoring & management services, Azure Networking, Web & Mobile.

  • DESIGN Weeks 1-2: Design a baseline environment including security & compliance processes, standardized tenancy, identity & access management and networking
  • DEPLOY Weeks 3-4: Deploy a customized landing zone including agreed specifications around cloud configuration, security and base framework architecture
  • OPERATE Weeks 5-6: Outline operations for flexible architecture, supported by strong governance to maintain and update your landing zone as all aspects of cloud environments evolve


  • A ready to go cloud environment (or an enhanced version of your existing landing zone)
  • Governance recommendations
  • Operational guide and knowledge management recommendations

At the end of this engagement, your organization will establish a stable foundation with efficient operations, ready for holistic evolution and growth.