Azure DevSecOps: 6 week Implementation

Lixar IT

Increase speed to market while still effectively managing risk.

BDO Digital will help you modernize your software delivery workflow through scalable tools so pipelines can be automated and updates rolled out without a break in the system.​ Throughout this process, your organization will be able to discuss current and future needs with our experts in order to guide the journey from current to future state. The ultimate automation of your organization’s processes will enable you to leverage resources and move further towards your future stage goals.

Leveraging Azure Compute, Storage, and Networking, the Azure DevSecOps Modernization model will update your workflows, leverage scalable processes, and have a minimized risk of disruption during updates.

  • STEP 1: In-depth assessment of current state to discuss needs, efficiencies, and best practices
  • STEP 2: Develop roadmap to guide the journey from current to future state
  • STEP 3: Migration of data between current and old/outdated systems to ensure nothing is lost in transition
  • STEP 4: Automate processes to enable efficiency and precision