Data Modernization: 4 Day Assessment

Lixar IT

In this 4 day assessment, Lixar Fuelled by BDO takes you through the benefits and best practices of data modernization. We evaluate your data maturity and define next steps to the Azure Cloud.

Lixar Fuelled by BDO knows that digital transformation drives profits and productivity. Digital Transformation can also improve your customer experiences, better secure your data and shorten time-to-market. Understanding the goal is easy, but how do you practically get there? Let us show you how.

In this efficient assessment framework, Lixar Fuelled by BDO takes you through the benefits and best practices of data modernization in Azure. We then apply our proprietary Cloud Readiness Assessment Tool to evaluate your data maturity and uncover the necessary next steps. Don’t leave your head stuck in the clouds. Move to the cloud with confidence.


Innovation drives profits and productivity. When you modernize your data in Azure, you gain real-world benefits, such as:

  • Empowering employees and stakeholders
  • Improving customer experiences and data security
  • Enabling faster time-to-market
But every innovation Journey is unique, depending on where you are, and where you want to go. Before you begin, it’s important to have a strong understanding of your goals and requirements, to ensure that we can build the best roadmap possible to help you succeed and grow. That’s exactly what this 4-day assessment provides.


In this efficient 4-day data modernization assessment:
  • We start with workshops and a collaborative questionnaire process
  • We transfer knowledge through best practices and use proprietary assessment tool
  • We recommend next steps, timelines and high-level strategy

At the end of Lixar’s Data Modernization Assessment, you will have:
  • An improved understanding of what a data migration or cloud deployment requires
  • A report on your cloud readiness and an overview and understanding of the next steps