HeroPath: 6 Week Data Modernization Implementation

Lixar IT

HeroPath is a scalable and flexible, end-to-end, modern data platform built on the Azure Cloud.

A modern data platform offers a single hub for all data, unlimited data scale and lower total cost of ownership.To provide our customers with these benefits and more, Lixar Fuelled by BDO has created HeroPath. HeroPath is a scalable and flexible, end-to-end, modern data platform, hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Fuelled by best-in-class components, such as Databricks, Synapse, Data Lake, and Power BI, it drives data and AI solutions that allow organizations within any industry to adapt, innovate, recover and grow.

Our unique approach is founded on the idea that data should be rich, usable, and accessible. Accordingly, our HeroPath implementation relies on three key stages:

  • Ingest the right data at the right time
  • Transform it into meaningful insights
  • Engage users through interactive visualizations
HeroPath was recently named winner of the 2020 Microsoft Data Platform IMPACT Award. The win celebrates the ways in which our HeroPath platform is helping organizations across Canada accelerate their data journeys and highlights the platform’s ability to drive real data and real insights.


HeroPath Data Platform MVP Implementation Steps:
WEEK ONE Project Kick off/Data Discovery
WEEKS ONE & TWO Platform Setup
WEEKS THREE & FOUR Data Ingestion, Processing and Modeling
WEEKS FIVE & SIX Reporting, Deploy and Knowledge Transfer


At the end of Lixar’s Data Platform MVP, you will have:
  • A single centralized hub for up to three sources of data within your organization
  • Tools for compute-intensive data transformations and visualization
  • A pipeline to get production-grade analytics
  • Users set up on storage and compute workspaces ready to take your data strategy to the next level
Pricing is variable based on the requirements, scope.