Synapse Jumpstart: Data Modernization 4 week PoC

Lixar IT

JumpStart your Data Modernization with Microsoft Synapse Analytics

Jumpstart your Data Transformation with this Microsoft Synapse/Purview 4 week PoC and take your predictive analytics to the next level in record time.


The Synapse Jumpstart Proof-of-Concept (PoC) is a pilot analytics project designed to start your data modernization journey off on the right foot. Leveraging the power of Microsoft Synapse Analytics, Azure Purview, and Power BI, this PoC will take you from web-based applications to the cloud, and show you how your most valuable resource — your data — can be turned into meaningful, interactive insights, in just a matter of weeks.


Our data experts offer accelerated technical advisory, assessing your environment and existing infrastructure to better understand the most effective way to modernize your data to help you meet your desired business outcomes. We will establish areas of focus within Synapse, and deploy a roadmap based on your customized priorities that includes a data foundation, security, analytics, and data governance. In just 4 weeks, you will have access to engaging data visualizations that offer deep insights at a glance, with an optional Purview setup.

ANALYSE AND ADVISE: WEEKS ONE AND TWO In the first 2 weeks of the engagement we will deliver and complete; Accelerated Technical Advisory, assessment of environment, infrastructure and data modernization and analytics readiness, establish areas of focus within Synapse - solidify data foundation, security, analytics and data governance.

DEPLOY AND PRESENT ROAD MAP FOR PHASE 2: WEEKS THREE AND FOUR In the last 2 weeks of the engagement we will deliver and complete; Architecture and design phase one, proof of Value/MVP where Synapse services based on established priorities are created and delivered, one power BI visual/dashboard, optional purview setup.