Atroposs - Database Assessment Consulting Service

Logicalis GmbH

3-day database migration assessment package for migrating legacy on-premises databases to Azure. Provide the information you require to make a management decision on the project.

A lot of customers want to move their applications to the cloud and they also know that there are a lot of ways they can choose to get there. But a lot of basic questions remain: How expansive will it be, which applications can I move to the cloud and which not? What’s the benefit of moving a specific application to the cloud? And last but not least: Where do I start? Which Azure services can and should be used in order to simplify and improve the applications? Our 3-day consulting service can help you here. Based on our expertise it will provide you with a clear path for moving your applications to the Azure cloud. Our offering is based on the open source tool Atroposs, which is developed by a few Mircrosoft partners and Logicalis of course being one of them. The tool will provide you with an estimate of the work and cost it will take to migrate on-prem applications, data and specifically databases to the Azure cloud. The good thing about Atroposs is, that it runs in a web browser. There’s no need to install software on your hardware and therefore there are no security concerns regarding any data transfer from you data center to the external world. The purpose of Atroposs is to analyze local database servers and other applications but – as mentioned – without any data transfer from your company to external devices or networks. Agenda for our 3-day consulting workshop: • Day 1: Kickoff, clarification of business objectives. What exactly do you want to achieve? How would you measure success? • Day 2: Technical implementation of the analysis / assessment • Day 3: Development of a migration plan and in addition a cost estimate Objectives of the assessment: • Clarification of business objectives • Foundation for management decisions regarding the migration to Azure • Inventory of the existing architecture and source code • find appropriate Azure IaaS and PaaS services for your applications • Development of new target architecture • cost estimate • Development of a detailed migration plan including relevant milestones In order to make this consulting process a success, it is crucial that your management and technical experts involved will be available on the three days. This includes the realm of infrastructure, security, development and operations. It would also be very helpful if there’s already a clear view on what goals should be achieved by the planned migration to Azure. As a result of the assessment, you’ll get a clear understanding of the implementation options, but also of the associated risks. In addition, you’ll learn what costs the project will incur, also in terms of operations and estimated time. The annual costs of the Azure platform of course are also taken into account. The target architecture is included as well as a migration plan. The aim is to provide the management with a good basis for a well-founded decision on the migration project.