Wilas Captive Portal Implementation: one time implementation


One-time Implementation and setup of WILAS Engagement Portal on Azure and WILAS Visitor Engagement Portal Subscription Fee for 320 AP per year.

One-time Implementation & Setup Fee for WILAS Engagement Portal

  1. Design & Implementation of 2x WiFi Engagement Portal (Captive Portal)
  2. Implementation of access policy & configuration based on customer requirements
  3. Integration with WiFi Infrastructure
  4. End-to-end User Acceptance Testing Support
  5. Training & documentation
  6. Upon commissioning of the service, TechStudio will continue to provide hosting, maintenance & support for the service with management tools on Azure

WILAS Visitor Engagement Portal Subscription Fee

  1. WILAS Engagement Portal Subscription
  2. Basic usage reports access
  3. Online Content Management access
  4. Hosting Facilities in customer Cloud
  5. Technical Support & Maintenance 320 AP Licenses / Year


  1. Kindly refer to the attached WILAS Engagement Portal Proposal for customer for the full proposal
  2. All services to be performed during business hours (9am - 6pm) unless specifically indicated.
  3. Any deviation from the above scopes will not be covered by Logicalis
  4. With customer agreement, Logicalis will re-assess the additional scope and provide a separate quotation to the customer