Production Ready Hybrid Cloud: 4 Week Implementation

Logicalis Solutions

Logicalis Hybrid Cloud Design & Deployment services provide the best practice foundations to deploy Azure Hybrid with Azure Stack HCI for your business workloads.

Logicalis Production Ready Hybrid Cloud implementation services provide the foundations and guardrails to deploy workloads to Azure Hybrid with Azure Stack HCI rapidly with full confidence the environment is secure and ready for business-critical workloads.

The services within this offering will design and deploy the Azure Hybrid platform including connectivity between Azure and on-premises Azure Stack HCI environments, with all the key requirements aligning to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and Well-Architected Framework.

  1. Guidelines for all future Azure Hybrid deployments, with flexibility and consistent configurations regardless of deployment scenario

  2. Ensure scalability, security, cost savings and high availability. i. Security and compliance ii. Protect administrative access iii. Implement standards and compliance policies for all future deployments iv. Report non-compliance in real time v. Enforce policies such as Password Complexity.

  3. Unified Management and Operations

  4. Enshrine company policies, procedures and controls ii. Detailed reporting to avoid “bill shock” iii. Ensure access from known trusted locations iv. Adhere to encryption and data sovereignty policies v. Maintain mission-critical legacy systems vi. Standardise IT skills and technologies

  5. Ongoing management i. Leverage Azure DevOps capabilities ii. Simplify Portal Administration iii. Leverage Azure automation engine iv. Consistent backup and recovery v. Automated security management vi. Accelerate innovation by leveraging cloud services

  6. Availability i. Built in disaster recovery ii. Automatically and seamlessly switch to a highly reliable backup iii. Applications remain available during an IT interruption, limiting downtime iv. Peace of mind knowing business-critical applications are available if disaster strikes v. Azure Hybrid by design with Azure Hybrid services

  • Excludes cost of associated hardware