Security & Compliance Assessment - 4 Wk Assessment


Assess your Azure environment against compliance frameworks and receive automated reporting, vulnerability scanning, and a remediation roadmap to help you improve security and reduce risk.

#What to Expect? Using an automated discovery and assessment framework, Logicworks will analyze your Azure cloud environment for security and compliance best practices. At the account level, the assessment will measure the security posture of your Azure account and core services against CIS’s industry-leading standards. Your Operating Systems will also be further scanned against hundreds of known configuration violations of HIPAA, PCI, CIS, GDPR, NIST, SOC 2, or ISO 27002.

The complete Security & Compliance Assessment findings will include checks of Operating Systems/versions/patching, console settings/Azure IAM/logging, encryption, database configuration, Security Center configurations, and more. Logicworks will provide you with a compliance benchmark score, detailed findings, and most impactful remediation suggestions.

Compliance on the cloud can be daunting – requirements can be unclear and responsibility can be vague and confusing. Logicworks’ Security & Compliance Assessment will help you decipher compliance and enforce security best practices within your Azure environment, enabling you to operate or expand your Azure environment with confidence that security and compliance obligations are being met.

##Deliverables Compliance Assessment Summary Report including:

  • Summary of Findings
  • Compliance Posture Score
  • Check Passes/Failures
  • Remediation Suggestions

Customers also receive a full findings report.

###Explanation of Cost The cost of the assessment is estimated at $10,000 but can vary based on the number of VMs or Azure accounts being scanned, as well as the level of remediation guidance requested.

####Why Logicworks? Logicworks, a Microsoft Gold Certified and Azure Expert MSP Partner, is the leader in compliant cloud solutions for Azure. We provide end-to-end cloud strategy, managed services, security services to clients in the finance, healthcare, and SaaS industries.