Azure Kubernetes: 60-Day Implementation

Long View Systems

Designed to accelerate application development and help client’s gain value in their Azure investment using a phased approach to containerization adoption that helps Assess and Deploy Azure Kubernetes

Phase 1: Assess This phase of the engagement is designed to provide participants with knowledge of available technologies and tools. Concepts covered in this session will be important further down the road when designing and deploying Microsoft Azure Kubernetes resources. This offer has been designed to follow the recommendations of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) as it was being developed by Microsoft. The assessment phase is typically run over 10 days and covering topics such as (but not limited to): • Identifying current cloud and application maturity model • Mapping business value to application modernization • Identifying skill gaps • Recommending tools • Determining a starting point

Phase 2: Deploy This phase will facilitate the design and deployment of a working Azure Kubernetes environment. This phase typically runs 50 days and includes the following (but not limited to): • Standardize on Containers for specific purpose • Standardize an AKS for Orchestration • Standardize on AKS Operations • Education Training • Operations Training • Deployment of AKS delivered with Infrastructure as Code.

Deliverables The following items are delivered to the customer upon completion of the project:

  1. Azure environment design
  2. Migration tool setup and process
  3. Migrate and Test workloads migrated to Azure Kubernetes
  4. Operational and secure Azure Kubernetes environment
  5. Training on Kubernetes management and operations

Pricing of offer may vary slightly depending on local billable rates.