LBAN-Migra Oracle Database to Azure Database for MySQL Migration

Lotus Beta Analytics Nigeria Ltd

To swiftly migrate Oracle Database to Azure Database for MySQL

LBAN-Migra uses its automatic schema conversion tool to achieve easy and swift migration of Oracle Database to Azure Database for MySQL.

This service is provided by Lotus Beta Analytics and is used to move on-premises licensed Oracle RDBMS to Azure Database for MySQL. Corporate users have had to go through a time-consuming and expensive process to smoothly change their database schema to the target database model. This problem is addressed by Lotus Beta Analytics' "LBAN-Migra" solution, a tried-and-true automation platform. With progressive automation, this hastens the migration of the database structure. Businesses can save licensing costs by switching from commercial RDBMS to the open-source Azure Database for MySQL for the reporting and data visualization needs. Beyond the basic conversion tools offered by public cloud platforms, LBAN-Migra transforms stored procedures, functions, SQL queries, business logic, and custom schema structures. Automating database migration with LBAN-Migra helps to significantly reduce the time and effort required.