Azure Databricks Lakehouse Jumpstart - 1 Week Workshop


One week in-person or virtual workshop designed to prepare for your migration to Azure Databricks Lakehouse

Solution Overview:

Our Azure Databricks Lakeshouse jumpstart offers a comprehensive workshop for a wide range of data-related tasks, catering to core ETL, data discovery, data exploration, data warehousing, data product deployment, and insight publishing. Leveraging Azure Databricks, we empower organizations to seamlessly integrate and process vast volumes of data, regardless of its structure (structured, unstructured, or semi-structured).

Timeline & Activities:

Lakehouse Ideation: In person or virtual design thinking with 10-15 business stakeholders (4 hours) on use cases. Design thinking with IT on current state and challenges .

Future State Architecture: Design target state architecture against best practices, design key data flow patterns for the foundation, plus one use case.

Future State Pathway: Design the path to the future state, identify gaps and risks. Design around people, process and technology. Pathway Readout & Recommendations: Executive summary readout to the business and detailed readout to IT on the pathway strategy and recommendations. Outputs include priority opportunities, Agile timeline, budget breakdown, Azure consumption calculation, architecture, and delivery approach.


Azure Databricks Lakehouse Ideation Inventory: Inventory from design thinking workshop with business on use cases.

Azure Databricks Lakehouse Technology Ideation Inventory: Inventory from design thinking workshop with IT on what's working, not working and what opportunities exists.

Azure Databricks Lakehouse Architecture: Conceptual technology architecture and high level data flow diagram.

Azure Databricks Lakehouse Pathway: Business and IT readout on pathway strategy and case for change.