Device Data Management - 4 Weeks Assessment

LTIMindtree Limited

4 Weeks solution assessment to accelerate IoT project development and implementation

LTIMindtree DDM is an accelerator solution that enables customer to quickly onboard devices, sensors and gateway, define KPI dashboards and monitor device health & connectivity status. Customer can quickly visualize their business outcomes, as the solution accelerates the whole cycle of IoT project implementation. The accelerator also enables, quick ramp up of the whole IoT solution from couple of devices to millions of connected sensors though Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central and Azure IoT Edge.

Value Delivered:

  1. Rapid asset onboarding on platform
  2. Real time view of assets (location, health and alerts)
  3. Derive business insights based on defined KPIs
  4. Alerts and notifications

Value Proposition.

  1. Security is in built, with flexibility to leverage Azure IoT Hub
  2. Rapid onboarding activity reduces the onboarding cost (in terms of technician) through Azure IoT Central.
  3. Quick onboarding of devices
  4. Provides an environment for quickly ingesting device data, and defining KPIs & dashboards