Demand Forecasting Accelerator - 8 Weeks PoC

LTIMindtree Limited

An Automated Framework for Deploying the Best Time Series models at Scale

Improvise your inventory-based supply chain structure using state of the art machine learning models predicting the future demand at a Distributor SKU Level – all bundled together in Azure Cloud Platform.

Introducing LTIMindtree’s Demand Forecasting Accelerator – a solution that caters to forecasting product demands at the level of Distributor SKU for CPG Customers, thus enabling better product planning, safety stock maintenance with improved coordination among different segments of supply chain.

The Accelerator identifies Best Machine Learning Model for different product category finding out specific group a product belongs to, basis the pattern present in data.

The entire preprocessing and training pipeline makes sure different metrics are logged in for different experiment runs – thus enabling better tracking Contact us to know more about our Demand Forecasting Accelerator and how it can help you with the best and most accurate forecasts