IoT Data Validator - 4 Weeks Assessment

LTIMindtree Limited

4 Weeks Assessment to test and validate applications behavior through Azure IoT Applications

Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology has seen widespread development and adoption in numerous applications and domains. With the rapid expansion of the IoT ecosystem, there is a need to ensure that IoT applications are continuously and thoroughly tested before deployment in the connected space.

What is IoT Data Validator (IDV)? IoT Data Validator is a testing tool that empowers the testers, to create and execute test scenarios, in a simulated environment, to validate the IoT applications behavior in accordance with the program specification. The tool also provides functionality to validate live devices (deployed in the field). Features in the tool, enables the team to improve the test coverage, reduce the testing cycle time plus efforts and accelerate the deployment of a quality applications though Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central as well as Azure IoT Edge.

Assessment outcomes:

Quickly able to define and create the virtual devices Programmatically set device’s geo location Define message structure and interlocking between messages Create test scenario to validate app logic Ability to create load scenario for testing application performance Validate Live Devices and playback

Value Delivered:

Testing tool empowers the team to rapidly test and validate IoT application by virtualizing of device models. The tool accelerates the process of ensuring quality of the IoT application and thus facilitating faster release to market.

  1. Reduced overall testing cost
  2. Simulate virtual devices
  3. Curate and execute test scenarios
  4. Enable faster time to market

Value Proposition

  1. Reduced overall testing cost by simulation / virtualization of device models through Azure IoT Hub
  2. Simulate Virtual devices to perform load and regression testing
  3. faster time to market a quality assured IoT Application through Azure IoT Central
  4. Validate Live Devices deployed in field (against the OEM Specifications)
  5. Curate and execute test scenarios to validate edge conditions (rare in live environment)
  6. UI driven interface provides shallow learning curve for the testers to master the tool