Infinity Lamps: 4-Weeks Implementation

LTIMindtree Limited

SAP Migrations, SAP Automation

LAMPS is a platform for industrializing the cloud migrations of SAP workloads, by leveraging various automation modules to orchestrate various SAP functions.

It enables the orchestration of end-to-end migration of SAP workloads and gives a comprehensive insight into the migration lifecycle. This platform can be leveraged for the migration of SAP to Azure. More than 180+ SAP functions like export/import, BDLS, etc. can be automated via LAMPS and then an easy-to-create workflow right from the creation of VM until the configuration of SAP with pre/post processes can be performed.

Week 1 : Deploy

  1. Setup secure Azure subscription for installing LAMPS
  2. Discuss with clients various security considerations for LAMPS – NSG’s, Communication ports, Hardening etc.
  3. Identify 3 use cases for LAMPS Pilot

Week 2 : Gather

  1. Workshop with client BASIS/Technical teams for understanding the use cases
  2. Create process flow models for the use cases
  3. Setup appropriate authorizations for LAMPS

Week 3: Design

  1. Build the workflows in LAMPS
  2. Perform validation of the same.
  3. Connect to non-production system and perform a simulation run.
  4. Client performs the validation of the simulation run

Week 4: Rollout

  1. End user testing of the workflows by customer
  2. Sign-off the deployment
  3. Agree on next steps and additional workflow/use cases scope

Deliverables :

  1. Deployment of LAMPS on Azure
  2. Build Automation of 3 mutually agreed workflows
  3. Validation and sign-off of the workflows
  4. Roadmap for automation report