LTIMindtree Redar Consulting

LTIMindtree Limited

An AI-driven Azure solution suite that powers eCommerce growth strategy with smarter & faster insights to decode market demand by enabling Competitive Advantage for sustainable Product portfolio.

Managing product portfolio across a variety of categories in the competitive e-commerce marketplaces can be daunting. Enterprises, through decision-driven analytics solution hence need to triangulate market, product & portfolio performances. These algorithmic interventions will further enable actionable recommendations on pricing, new product opportunities and promotional strategies organized across demand space, category, and SKUs. Powered by Azure cloud platform, LTIMindtree REDAR is an AI-driven automated solution suite that powers your eCommerce growth strategy with smarter and faster insights to decode market demand for a sustainable product portfolio and thereby enabling Competitive Advantage. Through this 6-week consulting engagement, the team will build an analytics application leveraging Azure native tools & components to demonstrate how an organization can explore the industry leading approach to Category Management. Based on the selected categories and market, you will be able to measure the performance of your products while benchmarking it with peer market brands. You will also get to explore how the market is evolving and identify growth & dead spaces which will help not only in re-defining your categories but also in validating & optimizing your Marketing Mix.

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