Customer Experience Consulting : 2 Wks Assessment

L&T Technology Services

LTTS Design Studio creates measurable impact for users by working within their environmental, privacy & security constraints, building new ways of interaction, brand loyalty & monetization

• The most important aspect when designing or revamping any solution is an accurate understanding of your end-user problems. The challenge in most cases is that decision makers have strong pre-conceived notions of end-user problems, thereby limiting the efficacy and impact of the solutions that are designed.

• Design thinking is a fresh approach to thinking which challenges assumptions, and takes you on a journey to gain a deep appreciation of the needs & aspirations of your users. With this fresh understanding, you can now identify alternative strategies and solutions, that might not have been too obvious with your initial level of awareness.

• Our design thinking package can be used for either projects currently utilizing any of the Azure services, or for crafting out a new roadmap that brings together Azure cloud, compute, storage, analytics, DevOps and security in a package that best meets your business needs.

In our experience, the format that has worked best is a four-stage design thinking workshop.

• Explore: Dissecting the challenge, identifying users, empathy study, shortlisting focus areas

• Ideate: Generating ideas, collating feedback, big idea sketch

• Test: Detailing out the big idea sketch & testing with end-users

• Evolve: Design economics, risk assessment, & implementation roadmap

• Our Design Sprints utilize Azure DevOps for brainstorming & planning, PowerBI for analytics & data visualization, Azure Cloud platform for prototyping & MVP implementation, and Azure network security elements for activated rules & restricted access.

• At the end of the 2-week Design Thinking sessions, you will have a final list of user challenges that can be solved with Azure services, a big idea sketch on how this can be implemented by bringing together various Azure components, an information architecture blueprint, and an implementation roadmap.