Citrix & Azure for Digital Workspace 1-Hr Briefing


A Lutech Digital Workspace expert will contact you for a 1 hour briefing (maximum), to understand your needs and arrange with you the following steps for a successful Citrix & Azure implementation.

During this briefing, lasting up to 1 hour, a Lutech Digital Workspace expert will interview you in Italian, or in English if you prefer, in order to:

  • identify your needs;
  • share with you some key points, both technical and business, about extending or migrating your Citrix environment to Azure;
  • share the next steps recommended by Lutech for a successful deployment/migration to Azure of your Citrix environment;
  • confirm your possible interest in receiving a technical/economic offer for consultancy services and/or professional services from Lutech, to start designing together the first steps of your Citrix journey to Azure.

After the briefing, if you wish, Lutech will send you a proposal to start designing your new Citrix & Azure environment together.