Lutech Sinergetica Perseo ETRM Suite 1-Hr Briefing


Our Azure native suite, supports multi-market and multi-commodity energy buyers, energy-intensive Manufacturers, Distributors and Consumers managing energy trading and end-to-end utilization process.

Lutech Sinergetica "Perseo" Energy Trading Risk Management Solution features a whole range of functionalities:

  • Data Management and Forecasting;
  • Trading Risk Management;
  • Bidding;
  • Scheduling Logistics;
  • Settlement;
  • Compliance;
  • Invoicing.

The solution also includes a powerful real time Energy Data Analytics tool based on PowerBI to create operational dashboards, reports and analytics on large amounts of data.

Lutech Sinergetica team would be glad to arrange with you a complimentary 1 hour brief to show what Lutech Sinergetica "Perseo" Energy Trading Risk Management Solution can provide to your organization.

The one-hour briefing will be held by a Lutech Sinergetica consultant with expertise on the "Perseo ETRM Suite". Our consultant will understand your key requirements and major pains, find the potential match with the Perseo solution and share with you the value that the solution can provide to your organization.

The aim of the briefing is to identify together the effective applicability of the solution to the requirements of your organization, the potential ROI, most of the implementation specifications and the first recommended steps for a successful implementation of the solution on Azure.