Azure Center of Excellence accelerator: 1- Week Assessment

Macrosoft Associates Inc

Cloud center of excellence (COE) accelerator on migration and modernization of application, data, storage and infrastructure. Free of cost week of assessment and workshop.

MAI helps new to cloud organization to best of breed cloud excellence path, by free of cost assessment and stakeholders workshop to build the common ground for Center of Excellence (COE). Set the foundation and define the direction to successful cloud adaptation. We also help on cloud migration and application modernization by making cloud ready. We work with stakeholders, Developers, Cloud engineers and supports to get the best out come for the end users. First week of initial assessment and report is free. It will give the current state, target state and the migration and/or modernization path keeping scalability, security, resiliency and the cost as the parameters. It uses Azure AD for B2C authentication to enable social media-based user authentication. Azure Front Door services is used to route based on the url path using application gateway. Web Api is used to make the application platform agnostic and make it easier for native mobile applications to build using these apis. As the content is mostly static in nature (Appointments and Medications), Azure redis cache is used for performance and cost optimization. CosmosDB is used for low latency, historical data and global distribution. SQL Server is used for transactional data. Blob storage is used for high volume storage of images and documents, which were delivered through Azure CDN for low latency and runtime cost optimization. Azure search is used for fuzzy search, to facilitate not well-defined searches. The solution uses azure Bicep and azure devops to provision the solution platform to client tenants. The bicep services will create all the azure resources on client azure subscription and Azure devops will deploy the application to the Azure App services like web api . based on client BC and DR policy azure Backup and azure site recovery services will be provisioned.