1-Day .NET Environment Modernization (Azure Migration) Workshop

Magenium Solutions, LLC

By engaging in this brief, 1-day .NET Environment Modernization workshop, we will examine the server environment your .NET application currently runs on side by side with your teams.

Many businesses run applications built in .NET that support mission-critical business processes. As time advances, your organization may have decided for one or many reasons that you no longer wish to support such applications with on-prem hardware.

Magenium has successfully performed migrations of legacy apps like this to Azure for most of our 15 year company history. Our 1-day workshop is an interactive session where our custom development team will sit side by side with your experts to identify applications that can be migrated and the impact this can have on your business. Microsoft Azure can streamline your applications' environment and provide improvements to both security and performance.

In many cases, we can even perform the migration ourselves, saving you the time and labor of doing it along with the cost savings from not having to own any hardware yourself.