Developing an End2End Cloud Strategy:5-Wk Workshop

MaibornWolff GmbH

MaibornWolff provides end-to-end consulting and implementation for your comprehensive cloud strategy!

When leading your company into a cloud-enabled future there are many things to consider: basic concepts, engineering, deployment, and continuous fine-tuning of your long-time strategies. With our expertise in the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework, MaibornWolff will accompany you on this exciting journey according to your needs.

Workshop #1: Gaining a common understanding of the scope We invite the main stakeholders of your cloud journey to a one-day workshop taking a broad look at the overall scope of your endeavor. In our proven “Cloud Scoping” workshop format and visualization, we will walk through the seven spheres of a successful cloud journey: Infrastructure, applications, methodology, organization, business, security and governance. Eventually, all your stakeholders will share a common perspective on the as-is state, the goals and the top 3 hot spots to tackle.

#2: Crystalizing the business and IT strategy Based on the outcomes of the first workshop, we will crystalize the main strategic goals of your cloud journey in a half-day management workshop.

#3: Understanding the business/IT architecture Next, we will match the business capabilities with your current and needed IT assets in Azure. Using a scenario-based approach, we will define the quality requirements of your cloud setup, e.g. geographic distribution, legal compliance and runtime performance.​

#4 and #5: Diving deeper into risk-prone issues​ Eventually, the workshops will culminate into a roadmap and decision papers for the decision-makers. Some lead time for preparing these workshops will ensure that you will benefit from our most suitable expert(s) for your specific questions, be it the setup of Azure landing zones, cost management, application architecture, and more.​

#6: Finalizing the roadmap and decision papers Finally, we will present the roadmap and management papers we will have created so far and fine-tune the strategy together w/ you so that they can be presented to the decision-makers.