Atroposs 2-Day Discovery Workshop for Application Migration

MaibornWolff GmbH

2-Day application migration assessment for migrating on-premises applications to Azure with Atroposs.

The 2-Day application migration assessment package is designed to facilitate the migration of legacy on-premises applications to Azure. By providing the necessary information, it enables you to make informed management decisions regarding the project.

When it comes to moving applications to the cloud, there are numerous reasons and approaches to consider. However, it can be challenging to determine where to begin, the associated costs, the applications that would benefit the most, and the managed Azure services that can streamline and optimize your application landscape. This package offers expert guidance to address all your queries, providing a tailored roadmap for migrating your application to the Azure Cloud.

Atroposs, an open-source tool developed by a consortium of Microsoft partners, including MaibornWolff, is utilized to estimate the effort required for migrating on-premises applications, databases, and data to Azure. By running exclusively within a web browser, Atroposs analyzes on-premises database servers and installed applications without transferring any data outside your organization. As a result, there is no need to install Atroposs on your organization's hardware, alleviating concerns about data privacy and security. The Atroposs app will be employed to assist with the application migration assessment.

Agenda: Day 1: Project initiation, discussing business motivations, and establishing primary objectives, creation of migration plan. Day 2: Technical evaluation and actions.

The objectives of this assessment are as follows:

Clarify the business priorities. Evaluate the legacy architecture and source code. Identify suitable Azure IaaS and PaaS services for the application. Design a new target architecture. Develop a migration plan with milestones and cost estimations. Equip you to make informed management decisions.

To make the most of this offering, the following requirements should be met:

Clearly defined objectives for migrating to Azure. Availability and support from key stakeholders and subject matter experts, including IT management, infrastructure, development, operations, and security personnel.

Upon completion of the assessment, you will be informed about the feasibility and risks associated with the migration project. You will also receive estimates for the required time and cost, the annual operating costs of the application on the Azure platform, a target cloud architecture, and a comprehensive migration plan. The ultimate goal is to provide you with everything necessary to make an informed management decision regarding the project.