Security Bootstrapping: 8 Weeks Implementation

MaibornWolff GmbH

Security bootstrapping to implement a best practice security architecture and define a roadmap for further strengthening your cloud security using Azure native or third-party solutions.

When you start moving workloads to Azure, you need to ensure you have an optimal and adequate security posture.

Our 8-week Azure Security Bootstrapping implements a best practice Hub and Spoke security architecture for your workloads on Azure, enabling you to operate them securely and efficiently. The holistic view of the security architecture includes:

  • Authentication and authorization with Azure Active Directory
  • Management of threats and vulnerabilities with Security Center and Azure Defender
  • Secure communication channels (Application Gateway, Azure Front Door, Web Application, …)
  • Secure storage of secrets and keys (Azure Dedicated HSM, Key Vault
  • Incident detection and management (Azure Sentinel)

A good understanding of your current situation and requirements is the starting point for the implementation. MaibornWolff will work closely with your business and technical stakeholders on these topics:

  • Stocktaking of your current Azure landscape
  • Threat and risk analysis for your workloads
  • Setup and configuration of Azure security products based on your risk profile
  • Calculation of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Define processes for the DevOps teams how to implement security requirements and address security issues

Key results of the bootstrapping are the setup of the Azure security products that have the most impact and can be used in daily operations, as well as a roadmap for further strengthening your security architecture.