Data Science Assessment: 8-Days

A Data Science Assessment will help identify data science PoC projects on Azure to use your data for innovation, to boost revenue or save costs. This will give you a strategic roadmap to get started.


Initial Prep

We will contact you for an initial scoping call to ascertain key information about your businesses and where you are on your data science journey. This will identify key stakeholders and set an agenda for the future workshops.

Assessment Workshops (up to 8)

Makutu will run a series of Data Science Assessment workshops with your key stakeholders.


We will compile the information from the workshop and document our findings and recommendations into an assessment report.

Follow-up Comms

We will circulate a draft copy of the assessment report for initial stakeholder feedback and approval.


We will present the findings and recommendations of the final report to all stakeholders. This will include a prioritised list of potential PoC projects and high-level Data Science Strategy.


• Identify key platforms and data assets • Define your over arching data science strategy • Discover and evaluate candidate projects on the Azure platform • Join the dots by enabling cross function collaboration • Develop a strategic roadmap to maximise the value of your data to include:

  • Location and storage
  • Cloud adoption strategy on Azure
  • Accessibility and utilisation
  • Quality and governance
  • Value and trust


  1. Communication with sponsors and key stakeholders via a series of workshops.
  2. Review of gathered information from workshops and compilation of a DSA report.
  3. Presentation of the DSA report, data strategy and list of candidate PoC project next steps to sponsors.