Azure IoT Consulting: 4-WK Proof of Concept


Proof of Concept, connect your IoT environment to a fully designed, secure and monitored Azure environment which takes care of all aspects of IoT workloads.

Using our proven, state-of-the-art IoT architecture and POC, you’ll be able to connect your IoT devices to the cloud in no time. Our experience in the field will help us design for you a secure, reliable, and performant IoT environment, utilizing the state-of-the-art Azure services for creating an IoT processing pipeline, taking care of the following tasks:

  • Validating the device
  • Validating the message
  • Processing the data in the message
  • Storing the data for future use Key Benefits At the end of this engagement, you will have the following:
  • An up-and-running secure, reliable and performant IoT environment
  • Detailed architecture document detailing the underlying architecture and cloud services used in this environment
  • Detailed cost breakdown describing the expected cloud costs of the environment
  • Full knowledge about the design process and decision making behind the final environment Malam Systems Malam Systems is one of the leading cloud provider and IT services organization in Israel, with decades of experience serving clients from all industries. We’re a Gold Partner of Microsoft, and worked on dozens Azure systems, from the very first cloud architecture, to hands-on implementations, DevOps, FinOps, monitoring and on-going support.