Azure IoT Fast Start: 4 week PoC/MVP

Mallow Oy

Create a Proof-of-Concept/Minimum Viable Product IoT solution on Azure

Purpose of this offer is to help your company to create Azure based IoT solution proof-of-concept/minimum viable product, which uses services such as IoT Hub, IoT Central, Digital Twins, IoT Edge etc. In the beginning we scope the PoC/MVP, define target and requirements for the project and create list of prerequisites which are needed such as access and documentations. Protocol support in scope is IoT Hub protocols (AMQP, MQTT, HTTP) and UDP and CoAP, others agreed separately. The end result of this Fast Start is a functioning PoC/MVP, which you can test to verify your IoT use case. All the code and possible documentation created during the Fast Start will be given to you to continue further development/trialing. The solution will be deployed to your own Azure Subscription, so you will have full visibility to everything.