Cloud Maturity 2-day Assesment

Mallow Oy

Get a good understanding how your Azure solution stands in regards of architecture, security, governance and general quality.

Do you have a solution running in Azure, but not sure about the quality, security and cost efficiency of it? We at Mallow help you to get peace of mind, and verify that you are running solution build on best practises and good solid architecture.

We help you to assess your Azure solution from following points of view:

  • What is the lifetime expectancy of of your legacy cloud solution, is it using EOL Azure services?
  • Does your cloud solution poses security or compliance such as GDPR risks?
  • Is your architecture cost efficient?
  • How the security has been handled and if there are clear shortcomings
  • Are there licensing issues with your cloud solution?

Day 1 we will discuss and get the necessary feedback from you in a 2 hour kick off meeting, then we will conduct the review, and day 2 we create the report with suggested improvements to architecture, resources, security, cost, licensing (if applicable) and other findings, and deliver it to you..

The report includes all the findings and suggested corrective actions for your Azure solution and environment.