Accelerate your journey to the cloud

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment will enable you accelerate your journey to the cloud. The 2-week assessment of your existing Digital Landscape is aligned to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and malomatia's Cloud Suitability Framework. The assessment identifies the cloud suitability of workloads and provides high-level initiatives to adopt cloud with minimal impact to business.

The assessment will help you:

  • Define business motivations
  • Identify the cloud suitability of workloads
  • Align workloads to service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Determine strategy for each workload based on our 7 Rs approach
  • Determine current state of your IT readiness and practices maturity
  • Plot initiatives on a roadmap


  1. Define business motivations
  2. Define technical, financial and regulatory requirements
  3. Discovery of workloads using Azure Migrate tool
  4. Perform an assessment of workloads using malomatia's Cloud Suitability Framework
  5. Determine approach for each workload using our 7 Rs approach
  6. Develop high level initiatives
  7. Present findings and recommendations
  8. Provide report of the assessment findings and a prioritized list of initiatives