Sitecore on Azure: 2 hour briefing


Transform your Sitecore CMS into a cloud-driven experience platform.

A two hour workshop discussing the different features which can be used in Sitecore to improve your digital performance.

Most organisations use Sitecore as a content management system (CMS), without utilising its powerful personalisation, analytics and cloud capabilities. If this is you, then we can raise awareness of what those additional capabilities are and how they can be used within your business to improve performance.

This briefing will cover:

*An overview of the Sitecore Experience Cloud.

*A presentation of Sitecore's features, what they do and where they can add value.

*An overview of how Azure's cloud services can complement your existing Sitecore solution.

*Potential use cases for your organisation.

*How to prioritise a set of initiatives into a Sitecore backlog.