Umbraco on Azure: The Power of the Possible - 2-hr briefing


Umbraco on Azure: 2-hour briefing

Transform your Umbraco CMS into a cloud-driven experience platform.

A two-hour workshop discussing how hosting Umbraco on Azure will make building, hosting, deploying and maintaining your website so much easier.

Many organisations use Umbraco as a content management system (CMS) without leveraging the power of cloud hosting on Azure. If this is you, then we can walk you through the commercial benefits that include scaling with demand; cost-efficiency; robust data backup and recovery; rapid deployment; increased security; and automatic updates.

This briefing will cover: *An overview of the Umbraco CMS (if you are not currently on that platform). *An overview of how Azure's cloud services can complement your Umbraco solution. *The commercial benefits and potential use cases for your organisation. *Explore mobilisation options to realise the benefits of Azure quicker.