Azure Synapse Analytics in a Day: 8-Hour Workshop

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Boost your ROI with Azure Synapse Analytics for near real-time data, scalable architecture, and integrated Power BI capabilities

When it comes to data analytics, there are a lot of moving parts. From ingestion to warehousing to specific analytics feature sets, it can feel like you’re using three or four different systems to perform a single task. Enter Azure Synapse Analytics (ASA), a one-stop shop for all your analytics needs. ASA is a limitless analytics service that brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics.

Our eight-hour Azure Synapse Analytics in a Day workshop introduces you to ASA and its experience of having unified analytics capabilities with code-free data orchestration from more than 85 native connectors. You will learn to create a high-performance data solution with insightful Power BI reporting using Synapse Studio. In just a day, you’ll learn to implement several key ASA capabilities, including:

  • Serverless scalable architecture
  • Optimized query performance
  • Powerful insights
  • Advanced Power BI reporting


(Groups of 30-50)

  • Business analysts
  • Self-service users
  • Beginner BI developers


  • Overview of Azure Synapse architecture
  • Understanding the Synapse capabilities
  • Experiencing a unified analytics platform
  • Data ingestion using Synapse pipelines
  • Working with Synapse Studio
  • Reporting with integrated Power BI
  • Using SQL serverless architecture for reporting
  • Overview of Azure Synapse best practices
  • Use case demo – analytics and reporting


After the workshop, you will have the following:

  • Azure Synapse key features and architecture overview
  • Understanding of Synapse Studio for ingestion, warehousing, analytics, and reporting
  • Understanding of ideal use cases for Azure Synapse
  • Overview of best practices for Azure Synapse implementation