Azure Cost Optimization 3 Week Assessment

MAQ Software

Optimize your Azure costs to get the most out of what you are paying for

While cloud services offer technological advantages, under-utilized resources generate unnecessary costs. For businesses with significant cloud investments, auditing scalable resources and tracking consumption can be a challenge.

MAQ Software’s Azure Cost Optimization service will help you assess your existing resources, monitor resource consumption, and identify opportunities to optimize cloud costs.


Week 1:

Resources Identification

  • Catalogue and group all Azure resources using tags
  • Identify resource type and their capacity

Resource Review

  • Review the usage and cost of the Azure resources

Week 2:

  • Perform detailed analysis of existing Azure bill/invoice


  • Identify unused and idle resources

    Define Policies

  • Audit and restrict access creation of resources and resources group

Week 3:

  • Develop a Standard Governance Model
  • Enforce new resource access policies
  • Notify owners and users of any changes


  • Detailed documentation containing an inventory list, owner list, and cost optimization plan
  • Gap analysis of existing Azure subscriptions, resources, usage, and security
  • Analysis-based recommendation about SKU alterations for VMs and other Azure resources
  • Scheduler recommendation for VM shutdown based on usage patterns
  • Guidelines to set up automated notifications to effectively monitor resources
  • Standardized Governance Model

Business Impact

  • Identify potential savings areas