Modern Data Warehouse Architecture 4-Wk Assessment

MAQ Software

We evaluate your current Data Warehouse to help you modernize it with the latest Cloud offerings.

MAQ Software has over a decade’s experience in cloud migrations. Our four-week modern Data Warehouse assessment service analyses cost and performance gaps in your current on-premise or hybrid cloud architecture. We provide a technological roadmap for you to adopt modern Data Warehouse and take full advantage of the Azure technology stack.

Target Audience:

  • IT Business Heads
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Architects


Week 1:

  • Work with technical and functional teams to understand Data Warehousing processes
  • Identify data volume, data latency, reporting latency, and other resource consumption metrics
  • Document challenges and scope of improvement

Week 2-3:

  • Identify relevant options in the latest Azure tech stack (ADF, ADB, ADLS, etc.)
  • Perform small POC (1-2 data sources and ETL pipeline) to showcase the potential of proposed architecture
  • Evaluate security and governance model and identify scope of improvement

Week 4:

  • Compare current and future landscape, mapping existing resources and proposing Azure resources
  • Represent cost analysis and roadmap to adopt proposed architecture


  • Discovery sessions with stakeholders
  • Gap analysis showcasing the scope of improving data latency, reporting latency, process automations, etc.
  • Comparative analysis of existing and proposed Data Warehousing


  • Modern Data Warehouse architecture
  • Comparative study of resources’ performance and cost benefits to inspire informed decisions
  • Increased ROI

Service Scope:

  • VM
    • Up to 5 VMs or services (Total vCPU 40, Total RAM: 160 GB)
  • SQL
    • Up to 3 databases
  • Data Warehouse
    • Up to 3 data warehouses/marts
  • Pipeline
    • Up to 5 pipelines (SSIS)
  • Reporting
    • Up to 10 reports (assuming reports are sourced from above data assets)
  • PoCs (if deemed necessary)