Microsoft Fabric: 4-Week Assessment

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Unsure how Microsoft Fabric aligns with your needs?

Improve your understanding with our customized analysis of Microsoft Fabric's suitability, tailored to your organization's requirements.

Our 4-week consulting engagement is designed to evaluate the suitability of Microsoft Fabric for your organization's specific needs. By focusing on key areas, we will provide a quick yet comprehensive assessment of the technology's feasibility and benefits for your organization.

Our team will work closely with your stakeholders, ensuring that the evaluation aligns with your organizational goals and objectives. The process will include an analysis of your current technological landscape and a targeted exploration of how Microsoft Fabric can address your immediate and future needs. The engagement will conclude with a customized report, providing you with valuable insights, practical results, and actionable recommendations.

Target Audience

  • Project Managers
  • Technical Architects
  • IT Business Heads
  • Technical Solution Leads


Week 1: Discovery

  • Understand your organization's goals and requirements.
  • Document the existing landscape and regulatory scenarios.
  • Examine your current Azure environment and infrastructure.
  • Identify specific business requirements and objectives.
  • Formulate a tailored assessment plan.

Week 2-3: Data Platform, Data Model, Cost, and Return on Investment (ROI) Assessment

  • Assess data platform maturity.
  • Evaluate data model maturity.
  • Measure agility of existing platform.
  • Identify key risks, challenges, and gaps.
  • Calculate cost & ROI.

Week 4: Recommendations and Key Takeaways

  • Generate report describing maturity of data platform.
  • Produce a detailed assessment report for migration.
  • Deliver ROI and costing report.
  • Provide actionable recommendations for improvement.
  • Compare data model maturity against industry standards.


  • Assessment Blueprint: An in-depth document that outlines the assessment's scope, goals, and projected timeline.
  • Evaluation Document: A comprehensive compilation of all assessment findings, analyses, and recommendations.
  • Report describing maturity of data platform.
  • Detailed assessment report for migration.
  • ROI and costing report.


  • Identify and align technology advantages with organizational goals.
  • Create actionable plan to modernize your data infrastructure.
  • Uncover opportunities to use data and analytics to drive transformative solutions for your challenges.
  • Get a glimpse into the future of data modernization with Microsoft Fabric.

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