Marketing Mix Optimization: 6-Week Proof of Concept

MAQ Software

Are your marketing efforts not yielding the desired results? Transform your strategy with actionable insights from our 6-week Proof of Concept with Azure.

Are you ready to optimize your marketing strategy to drive tangible results? Discover the impact our Marketing Mix Optimization: 6-Week Proof of Concept (PoC) can have on your business.

How you can empower your business

Before we dive into the details, consider these questions:

  • Are you effectively allocating your marketing budget for maximum ROI?
  • What insights are you missing that could drive growth?
  • How can your data be better used to create a greater impact? Our PoC is designed to address these questions and deliver actionable insights, propelling your marketing strategy. At MAQ Software, we specialize in using Azure's cutting-edge technology stack to help businesses like yours thrive in the digital age.

Target customers

Our proof of concept is ideal for:

  • Marketing Directors
  • Brand Managers
  • Data Analysts
  • Marketing Operations Managers


Week 1: Data Ingestion and Preparation

  • Harness the power of Azure Data Factory to streamline data ingestion.
  • Cleanse and prepare your data for analysis.

Week 2: Data Modeling and Analysis

  • Use Azure Machine Learning to build predictive models.
  • Analyze historical marketing data to identify patterns and trends.

Week 3: Optimization Strategy Development

  • Define your marketing optimization goals.
  • Create a tailored marketing mix model to maximize ROI.

Week 4-5: Testing and Validation

  • Implement your optimization strategy in a controlled environment.
  • Test and refine continuously to ensure accuracy.

Week 6: Insights and Recommendations

  • Uncover actionable insights from your data analysis.
  • Receive a detailed report with recommendations for your marketing mix.


By the end of our 6-week proof of concept, you will receive:

  • Marketing data that has been transformed.
  • A predictive marketing mix model.
  • A comprehensive insights report with actionable recommendations.

What you will gain

By partnering with us for this marketing mix optimization, you will benefit from:

  • A maximized marketing ROI.
  • Improved data-driven decision-making.
  • A more efficient allocation of marketing budget.
  • Increased competitiveness in your industry.

Why choose us

Ready to elevate your marketing strategy?

The future of marketing is data-driven, and the power of Azure is at your fingertips. Reach out to us at to discuss how our Marketing Mix Optimization: 6-Week Proof of Concept and Azure’s tech stack can transform your marketing strategy.