Microsoft Fabric: 2-Hour Briefing

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Curious about what Microsoft Fabric has to offer? Obtain a clear and insightful understanding through a comprehensive overview of Microsoft Fabric's capabilities

This 2-hour briefing session will provide a focused overview of Microsoft Fabric. This informative session equips your organization's decision-makers and technical teams with the knowledge required to assess Microsoft Fabric’s relevance to your business. Our consulting team will deliver a presentation that addresses your specific concerns, uncertainties, and questions to ensure a valuable and productive session.

Target customers

  • Project Managers
  • Architects
  • IT Business Heads
  • Technical Solution Leads


Introduction to Microsoft Fabric

  • Explain the key concepts and principles of Microsoft Fabric.
  • Highlight the core features and capabilities of the technology.
  • Demonstrate how Microsoft Fabric enables microservices-based architecture.

Use cases and applications

  • Present the potential benefits of adopting Microsoft Fabric for your organization.
  • Share real-world use cases and success stories of organizations that have implemented Microsoft Fabric.
  • Discuss how Microsoft Fabric can address your organization's specific challenges and requirements.

Integration with Azure Services

  • Showcase how Microsoft Fabric seamlessly integrates with various Azure services.
  • Explore the benefits of combining Microsoft Fabric with Azure for improved performance and scalability.

Security and governance

  • Review the security measures and governance policies in place within Microsoft Fabric.

Monitoring and management

  • Go through the monitoring tools and techniques used to keep the Microsoft Fabric environment running smoothly.

Brainstorming customer-centric use cases Q&A


  • Potential Microsoft Fabric-based architecture.


  • A clear understanding of Microsoft Fabric and its relevance to your organization.
  • Insight into the potential benefits and use cases of adopting Microsoft Fabric.
  • Awareness of the key considerations and challenges related to Microsoft Fabric adoption.

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