Machine Learning Forecasting for FMCG: 4-Week Proof of Concept

MAQ Software

Unlock Your FMCG Business's Full Potential with ML Forecasting: 4-Week Proof of Concept

Is your FMCG business ready to revolutionize its forecasting capabilities? Imagine being able to predict demand with unmatched accuracy, optimize inventory levels, and streamline your supply chain operations. Our 4-week Proof of Concept (PoC) using Azure's cutting-edge tech stack can make this a reality for you.

How Can We Transform Your FMCG Business?

Before we delve into the details, let's explore a few questions:

  • Are you tired of stockouts and overstock situations impacting your bottom line?
  • How confident are you in your current demand forecasting methods?
  • Can you afford to leave your FMCG business's future to chance?

At MAQ Software, we are here to propel your FMCG business into the future of forecasting with the power of Azure. We understand the pain points you face, and we have the solutions.

Target Customers

This offering is ideal for:

  • FMCG Industry Leaders
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Operations Directors
  • Sales and Marketing Heads


Week 1: Data Gathering and Preparation

  • Dive deep into your historical data.
  • Identify key factors affecting demand.
  • Assess data quality and completeness.

Week 2: Model Development

  • Build a customized machine learning model using Azure Machine Learning.
  • Incorporate demand drivers and external factors.
  • Ensure model accuracy and reliability.

Week 3: Testing and Validation

  • Test the model against historical data.
  • Validate its accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Fine-tune the model for optimal performance.

Week 4: Deployment and Insights

  • Deploy the ML model to make real-time forecasts.
  • Gain actionable insights to optimize inventory and supply chain decisions.
  • Receive a comprehensive report on the Proof of Concept's results.


By the end of this 4-week engagement, you will receive:

  • A fully functional machine learning model tailored to your FMCG business.
  • Real-time forecasting capabilities to enhance demand planning.
  • Actionable insights and recommendations to optimize inventory management.


Our ML Forecasting Proof of Concept offers you:

  • Enhanced demand forecasting accuracy.
  • Reduced stockouts and overstock situations.
  • Improved supply chain efficiency.
  • Increased profitability through optimized inventory management.

Why Choose Us Over the Competition?

While many may offer similar solutions, we differentiate ourselves by:

  • Leveraging Azure's powerful tech stack for unparalleled accuracy.
  • Providing a tailored solution for the FMCG industry.
  • Delivering actionable insights and recommendations.

Transform Your FMCG Business Today

Don't wait any longer to revolutionize your FMCG business. Contact us at to embark on this transformative journey. Embrace the future of forecasting with confidence, and ensure your business thrives in a competitive market.