SKU Optimization: 12-Week Proof of Concept

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Simplify your inventory strategy by adopting our smart SKU optimization plan

Inventory management is the most critical factor in a business. It will help businesses in handling stocks based on consumer demands, product characteristics and production capacity. To manage inventory, SKUs are being used. SKUs help in identifying which products can be kept and which can be removed. This results in reducing inventory stocks, and costs. Businesses can plan for their inventory based on the consumer demand. Our 12-week engagement is designed to help you optimize your product offerings and improve your profitability and cost efficiency. Our team of experts will work closely with you to collect and analyze relevant data, develop, and implement a methodology, and assess the results. The final presentation will provide you with evidence-based recommendations for further optimization and implementation.
Our Proof of Concept (POC) consulting offer will give any retail-focused business a real-time shelf inventory monitoring solution using Azure’s Advanced Analytics and Predictive Machine Learning algorithms. This solution will enable retailers to track their inventory in real-time, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records to allow store operations staff to manage inventory levels and avoid stockouts.

Target Customers

  • E-commerce platforms
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Business leaders


  • Understanding your business goals and objectives for SKU optimization
  • Collecting and analyzing relevant data to support the POC
  • Analysis of profitability metrics to determine strategies for optimization
  • Develop and implement a machine learning model for SKU optimization in a pilot environment
  • Analyzing the results of the POC to assess its effectiveness
  • Recommending ways to further optimize and implement the methodology
  • Planning and preparing for a full-scale implementation of the methodology


  • A plan to implement the changes identified in inventory management
  • A detailed report on the analysis and recommendations
  • A plan for a full-scale implementation of the methodology
  • Training materials for the employees to understand SKU optimization


  • Improved profitability and cost efficiency through optimization of SKUs
  • Increased sales and customer satisfaction through optimized product offerings
  • Access to industry-leading expertise and technology for SKU optimization
  • Evidence-based recommendations for further optimization and implementation

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