Advanced Azure Synapse Analytics 3-Day Workshop

MAQ Software

*Benefit from the deeper functionalities, best practices, and use cases of Azure Synapse Analytics to enable your applications to have high availability with optimal operational costs*
Our three-day course (four hours a day) offers mid-level Azure services and Power BI users to explore the advanced benefits of analytics provided by Azure Synapse and Power BI. Build a scalable model of Self-Service BI to get additional insights on data for your COE. MAQ Software is a Microsoft-Preferred Supplier for Data Platform and Cloud Migration. We have aided our Fortune 500 clients in achieving efficient business operations through data modernization. ### Target Audience: * Data Engineers * Data Architects * Business Analysts * Product/Program Mangers ## Agenda: ### Day 1: Architecture & Scalability * Overview of Synapse architecture and capabilities * Setting up resources for optimal configuration * Boosting ROI by understanding Synapse use cases * Data ingestion via hot/cold path data processing * Scaling using server less architecture ### Day 2: Reporting & Security * Creating Power BI reports using Synapse studio * Using custom visuals to enhance user experience * Optimizing report performance with DAX tips and tricks * Implementing access control via Row-Level Security and Dynamic Data Masking ### Day 3: Cost & Performance Optimization * Configuring concurrent query execution to improve response time * Utilizing workload management and isolation for priority users/business groups * Choosing the right table distribution for optimal performance * Saving cost with dynamic cluster creation ## Meeting Output: * Attendees will benefit from: * Resources shared during the session * The knowledge necessary to choose the right architecture * Best practices to create scalable, cost-optimized architecture using Synapse