Azure DevSecOps - 5 Week Implementation


Accelerate GTM with diverse DevSecOps offerings based on automated approach with built in quality, security-using power of Azure and our DevACT Framework

Mastek has extensive experience in Automated Infrastructure Provisioning, Migration Services, Integrated Security, Governance and Quality Engineering to accelerate DevSecOps with Microsoft Azure. DevSecOps is bringing security mindset as part of IT Strategy, Software Development, Operations and Governance. Using our iterative DevACT (Assess, Consult, Transform) framework, we will partner with you in building a DevSecOps roadmap with maturity assessment and transforming across people, processes, and technology.

With shift-left approach, we will integrate effective security practices and principles right from nascent stages of software development using best-of-breed security tooling, standards and rulesets into CI-CD pipeline.

DevACT Framework - Iterative, flexible, clearly signposted

  • Initial review to set context and agree to first steps
  • Consultative assessment of DevOps maturity to agree long-term and incremental goals
  • Hands-on consultative support to plan, set up and achieve buy-in for transformation journey
  • Implement transformation steps towards next milestone. Our presence can be lightweight and advisory or scale up to achieve target goals

Focused Services

  • Migration of legacy builds to Azure DevOps
  • Enable CI-CD using One Touch Deployment
  • Institutionalise and Scale DevSecOps with containerisation, ARM and Terraforms with robust IaC
  • Application and Infrastructure Health Monitoring solution using AppInsights or Configuring dashboards from ELK/Kibana
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Services
  • DevSecOps Maturity Assessment Service


  • Embedded DevSecOps service management regime
  • Secure by design and ability to measure key components
  • Cost reduction and Speed of Delivery
  • Enable a culture of innovation and experimentation
  • Flexible commercial model