Tally on Azure: 1-Day Implementation

Matrix3D Infocom Private Ltd.

Access Tally from anywhere, anytime and on any device without investing in an on-premise and always-on server.

This offering allows multiple teams at different geographic locations or even your team from home to run Tally through a secure access without impacting the performance of the application.
This removes your dependence on access to your office premises or even an Office server!

  1. Understanding of client's current on-premises Tally setup.
  2. Tally data migration requirements.
  3. Total number of Tally users in a concurrent scenario & their location.
  4. Determine required configuration for Azure Virtual Machine and DB Sever or instances.
  5. Interaction with client's Tally partner to plan on - Azure Tally application installation, configuration and data migration.
  6. Activation of Azure subscription & creation of Azure portal credentials.
  7. Creation of Azure resources virtual machine, storage, networking and database.
  8. Sign-off by client on configuration, plan and costs.
  9. Configuration security settings on Azure.
  10. Configuration of Tally Application server in virtual machine.
  11. User configuration.
  12. Backup configuration.
  13. Installation of Tally application and data migration.
  14. Testing the entire environment.
  15. Documentation and Project Closure.


  1. Live Synchronization of Tally Data at multi location of office
  2. Prevent data corruption that would happen during manual sync
  3. Pay as you use
  4. Dedicated Secure Server
  5. Direct Access to Tally Database from Anywhere, Anytime
  6. Easily scalable when you grow
  7. No Server Maintenance
  8. Easy, Economical, Efficient
  9. Matrix3D has hands on experience on moving tally to cloud platform
  10. Proven track record of design and implementation

*Estimation of price is per server.