OpenAI Business Case & Try-out


Understand the viability of an OpenAI innovation case for your company and have a first testcase with your own data.

The world of AI is moving fast. Speed is of the essence to get ahead and stay ahead. Are the first ideas to leverage OpenAI popping up? Our 2-step approach allows you to make it concrete, assess its business potential and get first experiences in a bring-your-own-data format.

In summary:

The purpose of this assessment is 3-fold:

  • a clear alignment on your use case for OpenAI
  • a high-level business case weighing potential efficiency or client satisfaction gains against the build, run and license cost of Azure OpenAI
  • a preliminary testcase on your own company data deploying our pre-built Azure GPT Playground


  • Design phase:
  • 2 x 0,5day workshop. Day 1: Mapping your business processes and conceptualizing improvements - Day 2: Deepening out & business case discussions
  • Business case creation & high-level roadmap discussions
  • Report out (5 pages)
  • Try-out with your own data:
  • Deployment of the pre-built Azure GPT Playground on client's Azure premises. The Playground supports uploading client data in a secure fashion for testing out powerful search + GPT use cases.
  • Playground is live available for 2 days
  • Client can upload its own text data and query, reason & create answers with GPT. Example data are Q&A files, text from reports, logs of (anonymized) emails, etc.


  • Business case and high-level roadmap for realization for your OpenAI innovation
  • 2 day secure demo environment to have first tests with your own company data

This track is part 2 of the OpenAI Innovation Factory by MiCronos. Delivered together with Arinti.